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As a part-time YouTube content creator, you will be on the front lines of our YouTube content and part of the Content Creator team.

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Did you know that the content creator economy is responsible for generating millions and millions of Euros in revenue yearly for companies around the globe? Yet an extremely low portion of that goes to the content creator itself? As an example, there are more than 10M+ content creators in the world producing breathtaking travel & lifestyle content that inspire us to explore the world? And the majority find it hard to make a living on their passions. That's where paak. comes into play

paak. is a monetization platform for content creators made by content creators. Our mission is to empower content creators to monetize their content, enabling them to create more. We do the tech-heavy lifting, providing content creators with tools, best practices, and analytical insights. Our platform will give you the tools to develop your content further and keep improving performance so that creating content will be rewarded.

What would you do as YouTube Content Creator?

Content creation is at the core of what we do at paak. As a part-time YouTube content creator, you will be on the front lines of our YouTube content and part of the Content Creator team. For that reason, for us is super important that you have built your own "lifestyle/vlog content, adventure, travel, food & culture" channel already on YouTube, with good viewership, and that you are active in the platform as a creator posting content periodically.

  • Why having a YouTube Channel is this important? we are looking for someone that has a deep understanding of what it takes to build up a YouTube channel from the ground up, keep it running and growing. You don't have to be Casey but it's important to have a good audience and viewership. That will tell us right away that you can not only create great content but that you also have a great understanding of how the platform works internally.
  • Why part-time? We are looking for a creator that can become part of the team part-time so the rest of the time can be dedicated to producing their own content for their own channel. So if you spend a few hours looking for the right thumbnail, or you repost a video because you saw a tiny frame that was not the right one, and you are a travel or lifestyle creator based in Amsterdam this might be the right fit for you!
  • Why based in Amsterdam?  Our Content Creator team is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for that reason is important that you already live in Amsterdam or close enough to commute.
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Your main responsibilities in the role.

  • Produce, film, edit and appear in the content for YouTube
  • Create amazing content to capture the viewer audience by executing our content strategies on YouTube.
  • Engage with the audiences that interact with the content.
  • Help us shape our creators & brands network via content collaborations.

Required Qualifications we look for.

  • Be a YouTube Content Creator with an active YouTube channel. Meaning good viewership and build community. Please don't forget to include your YouTube channel in your CV.
  • Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands or near.
  • Native or extremely fluent in English (other languages is a plus)
  • Strong visual talent with a good eye and a high bar for aesthetic detail.
  • Excellent creative storytelling capabilities. With a "Story is King" mentality :)
  • Passionate about lifestyle/vlog content, adventure, travel, food & culture.
  • Extremely good with Adobe Premiere, Aftereffects (or Final Cut if that's your thing), Photoshop & Lightroom, etc.
  • Awesome with people, and working alongside other creators.
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What we offer in exchange

If you decide to join our team part-time, we offer a very competitive salary that includes paid health insurance and perk such as health memberships, lots of swag, free candy (dentist included in the health insurance already), and more.

We are looking for a YouTube content creator to be part of our team part-time, so you can dedicate the rest of your time to your own YouTube. We will share our tools and equipment with you so you can also use them for your own channel under a "please don't break it" kinda deal

We offer the freedom to work for a young tech startup that focuses on objectives, managing your own time, instead of stretching the week to 70hs or being connected at 9 AM mentality. Our HQ is located in the heart of Amsterdam city center by the canals, a few blocks away from Museumplein.  We set the goal; how you get there is up to you. What we want if you to enjoy every second of your journey with us. Scout's honor!

Our Culture at paak.

At paak. we are open-minded for real, kind & fun in nature, have a zero-tolerance policy for bullies. We truly care about our people and providing a good life-work balance (read we put life before work). It's true; we are a tech startup, and as any other tech startup is fast-paced, energetic, and all that. But life and people first!

The interview process.

Due to the known circumstances, all the interview processes will be done entirely via Zoom and email. Please submit your CV including your YouTube channel if you meet the requirements.

paak. is an equal employment opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusion; we encourage it.  We welcome everyone to apply and join us regardless of their color, religion, sex, race, national origin, age, disability, ethnicity, or genetics. It's in our core values to always provide an inclusive, open, and diverse work environment.

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