Learn all the different ways you can monetize your content with Paak, and the tools you can use to boost your earnings!


All-in-one affiliate platform for content

There are thousands of affiliate programs, we made it easy for you to access the best of them under one unique link. With Paak you access +3.2M items, and counting!

Travel Affiliates
Shop Affiliates
Fashion Affiliates
Gaming Affiliates

Advance content analytics & insights!

Learn from your data, which channels are converting more, what your fans interact with the most and how to easily optimize your revenue.

Realtime analytics
Revenue Insights
Optimize earnings
Monthly Reports

Share paak across all your favorite socials!

You can share your paak links & profile everywhere you like, on any platform, social, web or even behind a paywall.

YouTube videos
IG posts & stories
With your tik-tok
litelerally anywhere!
Other Cool Features

More features to power-up your user tracking

Collaborate with Brands

Our team matches the best performing creators in our platfom with their favorite brands, empowering collaborations!.

Access to Perks

Every creator joining Paak has access to a increasing list of perks, discounts and benefits.

Custom Support

Our creators are the most important thing to us. That's why we believe in personalized support for all creators!

Tip-Jar & Subscriptions

Your Super fans can now use the tip-jar to support your work. From a one time tip, to a monthly recurrent. Paak takes 0% comisssion!

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